Rating: 2-1/2 stars

This is the Guinness Record movie, shot in 23 hrs. 58 mins.. It is a laudable venture and they have even tried to have a storyline for this movie. It is star-studded, with a dozen directors and half a dozen music directors.

Vijayakumar and Manjula have 9 children (Satyaraj, Prabhu, Abbas, Maheshwari, Roja, Ramba, Suvalakshmi, Preetha and Kasthuri). Vijayakumar wants to get all of them married within a week. Bhagyaraj-Oorvasi and Senthil-Janakaraj teams interview prospective spouses for the 9 children. But each person is already in love with someone and therefore, manipulates interviews and succeeds in getting married to their loved ones. (It is amazing that the sons/daughters of a millionaire ALL fall for people like toilet-cleaners, kurathis, Livingston, Abbas, Prabhudeva, Roja and Preetha Vijayakumar in Suyamvaramblack-ticket sellers, horse-feeders etc)  So, the jodis are: Satyaraj-Kushboo, Prabhu-Iswarya, Abbas-Heera, Maheshwari-Vineeth, Suvalakshmi-Parthiban, Ramba-Karthik, Roja-Prabhudeva, Preetha-Livingston and Kasthuri-Pandiarajan! Karthik is note-worthy as an absent-minded doctor. He comes to the marriage interview by mistake, thinking it is an interview for a doctor's post. Prabhu looks too old and needs to stop prancing around with young heroines. There is the usual masala with Mansoor Ali Khan and Vichitra planting a bomb in the marriage hall and Arjun, the inspector, comes to the rescue.

Since it has too many stars, each of them appears on screen for only 5 minutes. Preetha, Livingston, Senthil, Janakaraj get barely 2 minutes each!  The songs are okay - nothing to rave about. Since it is a good venture and keeping in mind that the movie was shot in less than 24 hours, I don't want to be too picky, but the interview scenes are too long and boring and take up most of the movie, like "javvu".

Usha Gopalakrishnan

Original Photograph (Suyamvaram): Thanks to Anandha Vikatan
Photograph scanned & reworked by: Sandya